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November 4, 2018





Local SEO Services:


Search Engine Optimization is the process of configuring your website for more organic traffic.


This means you will see a huge increase in highly targeted traffic for free and your profits will start to increase in the same way.


Local SEO means you are wanting to optimize your website to be seen on Google within a specific geographic area. (Los Angeles, New York, etc.)  It is especially popular with small business owners who want a source of inbound leads in their area.


Depending on the size of your market and the competition that’s in your city, you should at least be able to reach the first page for your service locally.


With that being said, local search engine optimization is going to be a much quicker process than international SEO.


Keyword Research:


SEO agencies will usually try to tackle a large list of keywords in order to increase the visibility of your website.


In reality, you want to focus on the keywords that will bring you the most traffic.  


That is why before launching any SEO campaign, you always want to do the proper keyword research.

Some keywords can literally produce thousands of more monthly impressions than a list of 50 keywords if optimized correctly.


Where To Start:


When you are first starting any SEO campaign you will want to be sure to be visible to Google.


Meaning you will want to be listed on all appropriate directories, Google My Business, and Google Maps.


All of the information on your Google My Business page should be correct and up to date because this is how potential customers will contact you.


Also, having all of your social media channels congruent with each other.  


So, when Google is crawling the web for your business, you will be easily identified.


In order to track where search volume is coming from you will also want to link your website to Google Search Console, and Google Analytics.


Increasing domain authority and traffic to your website will also consist of producing relevant content about your products or services.




Blogging will allow your business to establish authority in the market and also reach many potential customers who are actively searching for what you have to offer.


Creating content is also a great way to build links from your website.  Link building is when you add any new link to your website as a whole, or get a backlink which is a link on a separate website referring to your domain.


What To Look For:


Many local SEO companies say they provide SEO services that will build hundreds of links to your website.  

This should be a huge red flag when looking to outsource a task such as search engine optimization.


That is because Google will realize that you are spamming a bunch of backlinks to your website and penalize you.


Especially if the sites you are getting the backlinks from are irrelevant, in a completely different country, or not appropriate.


When you get penalized for trying to not utilize white hat local SEO tactics your website will almost become invisible in the search rankings.




Local SEO services will also set your business up for long term success and fill your business with leads and sales for years to come.  


After ranking at the top of Google for your specific market, it is going to be very difficult for someone to take it from you.


If you are continuously optimizing your content to outperform your competition you should never have anything to worry about.


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