Plutio: Project Management Tool (Full Review)


Plutio has recently came about as one of the most effective and useful project management tools.

After having used it as Aces Media’s #1 Project Management tool, I can safely say that it has been an exceptional addition to our arsenal.

It has all of the necessary features needed to streamline your daily, weekly, and monthly project goals.

In this article, you will find a 100% full and honest review of Plutio, how it helped us over at Aces Media, and how you can use it to help your business.

Introducing Plutio:

Why Plutio:

To start off, Plutio has some of the best features that other project management software applications don’t offer.

For example, they give you the option to completely white label their software as your own for only $9/month. (We’ll talk about this later)

Some of the other features include: Effective Online Messaging, Custom Branding, Invoicing, Time Tracking, Sales Tracker, Project + Task Management, Google Calendar Integration, and more.

Now, let’s get into the details of Plutio.

Fully Customizable:

One of the biggest benefits of Plutio is their white label option. Plutio gives their users access to fully brand the software as their own for only $9/month.

When you pay for this feature you can connect your own website domain and use Plutio as a sub-domain. You can integrate your company email inbox, and change any of the banners, logos, and colors as much as you want.

Effective Online Messaging:

If you decide to upgrade to Plutio Premium (which I highly suggest) you will get access to a few more necessary features. One of them being the ability to connect your email inbox so everything is fully integrated and managed within Plutio.

If you do not pay for this feature, you can still send emails from your Plutio dashboard to your clients. But, it will be coming from ([email protected]) rather than ([email protected]).

Get Paid Quick & Easy:

With Plutio you are able to take your client communication and customer service to a whole new level. You can store all of your invoices within Plutio, track when they get opened & paid, and even setup recurring subscription payments if you have an ongoing payment structure.

If you pay for Plutio‘s $9 branding feature, you will be able to fully customize your proposals and contracts and brand them as your own. To make things even easier, you can connect your PayPal and Stripe Payment accounts to collect payments and pay employees who have tracked their time worked.

Projects & Tasks:

The projects tab is a life saver. If you are one who has a lot of projects you’re trying to juggle at once, you know the headache. The more unorganized things are, the more stressful things are and less stuff ends up getting done. So, Plutio has created an extremely easy way to break up all of your different client accounts or projects into categories.


Within these big projects you can have as many sub-projects as you want.

Plutio Project Management Tool

Then, to make things even more organized, you can add tasks to each sub-project. (Note: You can color coordinate your tasks to make differentiating on your calendar easier.)

Task Options:

Timesheet: This is perfect for tracking time, and paying your employees who have logged their time and completed more tasks.

Comments & Attributions: This is a simple way to store and organize any useful information or documents for each task. Depending on the size of the project and people working on it, this feature can be extremely helpful to for effective communication between team members.

Delegate: If you are creating a new project and want your employees to fulfill the work, no problem. With Plutio, you can add all of your employees or virtual assistants as people and give limited access to projects and tasks. In doing so, you can divide your projects up and delegate specific tasks to your team members, streamlining the planning process.

Daily Digest:

One of my favorite features of Plutio that often gets overlooked is their Daily Digest. The Daily Digest is a feature that will send you a summary of your overdue and upcoming tasks, conversations, and more to your email. You can set these notifications up to send as frequent as you like. For me, I think it is a great way to stay focused on the small tasks at hand and the long term project goal.

Plutio Appsumo

Plutio Pricing:

Plutio Pricing

As you can see there are 3 different tiers to Plutio and their pricing packages. For people who are working on their own or have a few clients but no employees should look into the Solo or Studio package. For business owners looking to integrate Plutio into their teams projects will want to go with the Team version of Plutio.

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Plutio Support:

Aces Media has been using Plutio for over 6 months now and the service has been tremendous. You can contact Plutio support right from your dashboard.

You also have the ability to: send them a message, visit their help center that’s full of resources, watch video tutorials, or join the Plutio Community Group. Every time I have reached out to Plutio they have always gotten back to me extremely quickly and been more than happy to help.


To conclude, Aces Media has teamed up with Plutio to offer an Exclusive 10% OFF Lifetime Deal.

By using code, ‘Plu20io19’ you will receive 10% all of Plutio‘s service for life. Try Plutio for FREE Here → Plutio Project Management

Start Achieving More With Plutio! After all, their saying is “I get it done with Plutio.”

Also, if you are interested in learning more about Pay Per Click Advertising and eCommerce, check out our blog: Aces Media Blog

What did you think of this Plutio review? Was it helpful? Have you been using Plutio? Are you going to start using Plutio now?

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