Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing

What Is Internet Marketing?

Internet Marketing is a way of getting your products or services in front of thousands of potential customers.

Otherwise known as online marketing or social media marketing, it is way of advertising that can generate leads and sales online.

Internet Marketing is very vague because there are many different forms of marketing that make it up.

Some of these forms include: SEO, Paid Advertising, Email Marketing, Content Creation, Retargeting, and more.

Widespread adoption of the internet for business and personal use has generated new channels for advertising and marketing engagement

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Internet Marketing

In order to succeed at internet marketing, you are going to want to master the art of traffic acquisition.

The more traffic you can generate for less, the higher return you will get.

Content Creation:

Make the kind of content that your target audience is looking for, and that would provide them with exceptional value.

Creating content is one of the most useful ways of advertising your small business because it gives you a voice that consumers love.

One of the best ways to create content that will be found and read by your target market is through creating blog posts.

Creating great content will also build trust between you and your consumers, and it will help you establish authority in your industry.

How is Content Marketing Different?

Content marketing is different from most other forms of advertising.

This is because most other forms of internet marketing focus on selling their consumers by bombarding them with ads.

Content marketing is the opposite of this because it works in reverse.

You can write blogs and create videos that provide your market with value that compels them to want to do business with you.

When people come to you, they are much more willing to pay your price, rather than if you approach them.

Which is why pull marketing is so effective.

Pull marketing uses the power of influence to raise awareness and curiosity in your niche to draw people into what you are doing.

Search Engine Marketing:

Search engine marketing is the process generating traffic and conversions through any number of search engines.

Otherwise known as SEM, search engine marketing is the best way you can capture high intent traffic that leads to conversions.

SEO Strategies:

Search Engine Optimization is a long term process because there are a number of variables that affect your search engine rankings.

According to Neil Patel, “SEO is the process of optimizing your online content so that a search engine likes to show it as a top result for searches of a certain keyword.”

The more optimized your website is for providing the necessary information for each keyword, the higher you will be placed in the search results.

One more thing to note. Search Engine Optimization is 100% free, making it one of the most profitable sources of internet marketing.

Short Tail vs Long Tail Keywords:

Short Tail Keywords are terms that consist of 1-3 words.

Long Tail Keywords are terms that consist of 4-5+ words.

In any good SEO strategy, it would be smart to go after both of these types of keywords.

But, short term keywords are going to have much more competition because of the amount of search traffic that businesses want to capitalize on.

Long term keywords are usually easier to rank for because there is much less traffic volume and competition.

So, if you can determine which keywords have sufficient traffic and will provide you with a cash return, those are the keywords you should formulate your content around.

On-Page SEO:

On-Page Search Engine Optimization consists of the metrics of your website.

• Keyword Research

• Crawl Errors

• Page Optimization

• User Experience

• Loading Speed

Off-Page SEO:

Off-Page Search Engine Optimization is consists of everything else outside of On-Page SEO.

Some of these factors include: Social Networks, Blogs, Publications, Videos, etc.


A backlink is when another website links to your website.

Acquiring backlinks is the most powerful way to boost your domain authority and search engine rankings.

According to Andrey Lipattsev, a Search Quality Senior Strategist at Google, content and website links are listed as the top two ranking factors.

When Google, Bing, Yahoo, or any other search engine sees other high authority domains referring to your website, they think it must be useful so they will favor your website highly.

How to Acquire Backlinks:

Acquiring backlinks does not always have to be as hard as it sounds.

By using the simple process outlined below you will be able to acquire the necessary backlinks in your niche.

1.) Make a list of all your competitors

2.) List the main keywords / search terms in your niche

3.) Scrape all websites linking to your competitors (BuzzSumo)

4.) Scrape Google for websites using the keywords in your niche

5.) Drop all of this information into a URL profiler and gather the main statistics

6.) Export the best websites into a Google or Excel Sheet

7.) Go over each website to determine suitability

8.) Seek out the necessary contact name and email for each website

9.) Import all of this data into BuzzSumo

10.) Send emails asking for backlinks in return for a backlink

Pay Per Click Marketing:

PPC Marketing is an extremely useful way of advertising and can provide businesses with exceptional growth.

Since search engines and social networks have such a vast amount of users, it makes this traffic source highly scaleable.

In your marketing campaigns, you can choose to target your customers in a number of different ways.

According to the Digital Marketing Institute, Pay Per Click Marketing is defined as:

“Pay Per Click (or PPC advertising) is a form of paid digital marketing where advertisers pay a fee each time their ad is clicked. The term PPC can apply to paid ads on social media networks, like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.”

Digital Marketing Institute, 2019

DISCOVER: Beginner’s Guide to Google AdWords

Paid Advertising Traffic Sources:

• Google

• Facebook

• Twitter

• LinkedIn

• Pinterest

• YouTube

Native Advertising Platforms:

• Outbrain

• AdRoll

• Taboola

• AdButler

Email Marketing:

One of the easiest ways to build an active and targeted audience is through email marketing.

Now, if you have been involved with digital marketing for a while now, you know how important email marketing is.

Having an email list is like owning a bunch of on-demand website traffic.

At any moment you can send out a huge email blast with a link to your offer and generate sales on demand.

Email marketing is “the use of email to promote products and/or services. But a better email marketing definition is the use of email to develop relationships with potential customers and/or clients. Email marketing is one segment of internet marketing, which encompasses online marketing via websites, social media, blogs, etc. It is essentially the same as direct mail except that instead of sending mail through the postal service, messages are sent electronically via email.”

The Balance Small Business

Affiliate Marketing:

As defined by BigCommerce, Affiliate Marketing is defined as being,

Affiliate marketing is a popular tactic to drive sales and generate significant online revenue. Extremely beneficial to both brands and affiliate marketers, the new push towards less traditional marketing tactics has paid off.

BigCommerce, eCommerce Platform
Internet Marketing

“Affiliate marketing in the case of blogging, a blogger or influencer will become an affiliate of a selected company via an affiliate network or directly from the eCommerce business, and make money from being an affiliate by placing a link, button or banner within a blog post that will lead the readers to that affiliate products or services.”

Make a Website Hub, Affiliate Marketing Forum

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To conclude, internet marketing is the best way to reach your target market using any social avenue online.

If you harness the power of all social media platforms, including email, social media, websites, and search engines, to reach your ideal audience you can create long-term retention of your consumers.

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Are you currently involved with Internet Marketing? Do you find it useful or ineffective? Was this article helpful? What could be added to make it even better?

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