Turn Cold Emails Into Sales

How to Write Cold Emails That Convert Into Sales:


Struggling to get results from your cold email campaigns?

You’re not the only one.  This article will give you the structure you need to start increasing your conversions from your cold email campaigns.

The key to writing effective emails is to be as personal as possible.

So personal that you almost know exactly what someone is going through.

For example, if I am selling home renovation services and I send someone a cold email who has just had their basement flooded.

Almost 10 times out of 10 I’m going to receive a positive and immediate response because I knew that persons exact situation.

When you know someones exact situation you are then able to provide them with a solution at a premium price.

With that being said, everything else has to be formatted correctly first. So, let’s start with the headlines…




Headlines are the single most important item in any email marketing campaign.

“Once someone reads your headline, you’ve already spent 80 cents out of your dollar.” – David Ogilvy

It’s important to test the subject lines in your cold emails just like it is important to test between different ad copy when running any paid promotion.

Think of your headline as your elevator pitch.

You have about 3 words to make someone stay and listen to your whole speech or they will walk away and never hear what you have worked so hard to prepare.

One single subject line could double, if not, triple your open rates which could result in a significant increase in revenue.

Tip: Whenever you come across a subject line or an opening sentence that performs really well, make a note of it so you can reword, if necessary, and incorporate it into your future campaigns.


The Email:


When writing the email it’s important to pitch your product or service in a very short and powerful way.

In such a way that the reader has to respond to find out more.

But, not in a way that you leave out so much information they are unsure of your main purpose.

You want your prospect to feel like you sent one single email to them and only them.

That is why I would recommend using MailShake because it allows you to send bulk cold emails and you can even edit each one individually without having to CC anyone.

With MailShake you are also able to schedule follow up emails and track the recipients who have opened and clicked through on your emails.

As far as the email structure goes, I would recommend:


  1. Opening sentence + personal compliment
  2. Pitch product or services in 1 specific short sentence
  3. Provide credibility (case study, testimonial, award, etc.)
  4. Ask them an engaging question to engage a response.
  5. Salutation
  6. Always include a custom P.S.


This 4-5 sentence cold email structure is good for just about any niche.

It allows you to convey the point of reaching out while also respecting the other person’s time and not sending them 10 paragraphs to read.




I always like to include a very personalized P.S. at the end of my cold emails.

I do this because people appreciate it when they see a unique sentence relating solely to them.

People like knowing that they were not apart of a massive email blast.

When researching a prospect to find valuable information to include in your email, you should start by looking at their social media accounts.

That is where most of their recent updates and information will be available.

For example, you could congratulate your prospect on a recent award, interview, funding, etc. 

They will feel much different about you and your business since you established a friendship up front.

I have also found great success with finding recent news about the company the prospect is working for.

This shows that you have put in the time and research into your prospect and you will see a tremendous increase in your response rates the more custom you make your emails.


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