What Is Google AdWords

What Is Google AdWords?

Whether you are just starting out with Google AdWords, or you have been running Google AdWord Campaigns for years, this article will provide you with everything you need to know about advertising on Google from A-Z.

Basics of Google AdWords:

Google AdWords is a PPC Advertising Platform allowing businesses and advertisers to drive traffic to their websites.

Google Ads is known as one of the most sought after ways of advertising due to its high profitability and low cost per click rates.

Depending on what business you are in, the returns can be unbelievably high.

How Does Google AdWords Work?

Every time someone searches for a product or service through Google, they have a behind the scenes auction.

(The same process happens at any other search network, but for this article we are going to be going over Google AdWords specifically)

In this auction, each advertiser is allowed to say what their maximum bid is for that specific keyword.

For example, let’s say someone types into Google, ‘fishing pole‘.

To make it easy, there are only 3 advertisers who are involved in this example.

These advertisers bid however much they are willing to spend to place their ad in front of people looking at this search term.

Advertiser 1 sets their bid at $1 Cost Per Click.

Advertiser 2 sets their maximum bid at $5 Cost Per Click.

Advertiser 3 sets their maximum bid at $3 Cost Per Click.

What is Adwords

Since advertiser 2 set their maximum bid at $5, Google is going to show their ads at the top, and if someone clicks it, they will only be charged $3.

Google will allow advertisers to set what’s called their maximum bid, and if you are the highest bidder you don’t have to pay the difference between your bid and the second highest bid.

This makes Google AdWords much more appealing to advertisers and business owners looking to take advantage of search ads.

But, if you are going to bid the highest, you will want to make sure your copy makes people want to click your ad.

You can also set a daily budget in Google AdWords that will cap your maximum daily spending so you can manage ads more effectively.

Advertising With Google AdWords:

Google offers advertisers 2 different ways of advertising on their platform. You can choose to advertise on their search network.

Or, you can choose to advertise through their display network which is other businesses who are offering space on their website for your ads to be placed.

Is Google Ads Right For Me?

Google AdWords is definitely not the only option when you are looking for a paid traffic source to optimize.

There are plenty of other options such as:

• Twitter Ads

• Facebook Ads

• Instagram Ads

• LinkedIn Ads

• Native Ads

• Pinterest Ads

• YouTube Ads

• Bing Ads

• Yahoo Ads

However, Google is one of the best places to advertise if you are looking to harness intent.

Sometimes keywords with high intent can be extremely profitable.

Such as, ‘pizza near me‘.

When someone searches this, they usually want pizza now, and have their credit card in hand.

Whereas, when someone searches, ‘top 25 pizza places in the united states‘, they are probably not going to make a purchase from that search.

If you pick out the right keywords that will drive revenue to your business, Google Ads can be one of the most profitable sources of website traffic.

Google AdWords Bidding:

Google AdWords works on a bidding system every time someone searches for a product or service

Here is what a Google AdWords Campaign looks like over time

What is Google Adwords

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Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager:

Utilizing Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager are going to be super important to the success of your Google Ad Campaign.

What are the Google Campaign Types?

1.) Search Campaigns – Google Search Campaign Ads will show up on all Google Searches.

2.) Display Campaigns – Google Display Campaign Ads will show your images across the web on all of Google partnering websites. This method is best used for website retargeting, since the impressions are extremely cheap.

3.) Video Campaigns – Google Video Ads will show up on YouTube. With YouTube Ads, you can choose the exact channel, or video that you want your ad to show up on. So, if your business has a video that capitalizes on high intent consumers, it will perform very well.

4.) Smart Campaigns – Google Smart Campaign Ads use automated bidding to optimize your bids using Google’s machine learning. These campaigns are one of the most powerful ways to advertise with Google because the smart campaigns will automatically maximize your conversions and conversion value across all of your campaigns.

What Is Google Ad Rank?

Google uses what’s called an ‘ad rank‘ to determine your ad position.

Your ad rank consists of a number of variables, so the ad that is most in line with what Google is looking for will be ranked the highest.

The metrics that are used to calculate your ad rank:

• Bid Amount

• Auction-time Ad Quality

• Expected Click Through Rate

• Ad Relevance

• Landing Page Experience

• Context of the Consumers Search (Device, Location, etc.)

• Expected Impact of Ad Extensions

What Are Ad Extensions?

Ad Extensions are pieces of information that Google allows you to add onto your ad.

For example, in this plastic surgeon ad, you can see that they offer 3 extra pieces of information that would increase the click through rate.

Why Use Google AdWords?

First off, Google has coined the biggest name in the world.

Whenever people come up with a question and they don’t know, what’s the first thing they do?

Hint: Google it!

That’s right, people Google everything these days.

To put it into perspective, there are over 3.5 billion Google searches made every single day.

So, as an advertiser or business owner it’s your job to switch roles with your customer for a second and think…

What are they searching for on Google?

and how can you position yourself in a way to sell yourself to your customer when they come across your ad?

If you can figure out how to do this, you will have solved the Google AdWords Puzzle.

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Are you currently running Google Ads? Have you found success with Google AdWords? Was this Google Ads article helpful? What else do you want to know about Google Advertising?

What Is Google Adwords? (Essential Guide to Google PPC)
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