Why Do Facebook Video Ads Go Viral?

Why Do Facebook Video Ads Go Viral? What Makes Them Pop Off?

If you think about the online content you have shared the most, I’m sure you will find out that it is video contents. Why do you think this is? Video content catches people’s attention more quickly and as such are more shared than other types of content. Video ads go viral a lot more easily than other types of ads, so Facebook ad agencies like Aces Media have invested immensely in mastering the art of video advertising.

What does it mean for a video ad to go viral?

A viral video ad is an advertisement that has achieved widespread reach by the virtue of multiple sharing by people that have viewed it. Whenever you see an interesting video ad and you share it, you have contributed to it going viral. If everyone that views the ad shares it, it is bound to go viral quickly, especially on social media platforms that have millions of daily users. So, you can see where Facebook marketing agencies come in.

Benefits of a video ad going viral

One of the ways to get your video ads viral is by hiring agencies like Aces Media who have professionals with expertise in video marketing. Let’s look at some of the benefits of your ad going viral.


One of the biggest advantages of your video ad going viral is that it saves you marketing cost. By the virtue of your video ad going viral, you won’t have to spend on creating more video adverts. 

Free transmission

This is one of the most significant advantages of your ad going viral, as viewers will help you transmit your video ad themselves. This is its most significant benefit as you don’t have to spend on sharing your ad. Business owners that understand this benefit have recognized the need for hiring agencies like Aces Media.

Easy brand promotion

Think about it, can your video ad go viral without improving your brand awareness? Of course not. Since your video ad will contain information about your brand, the number of people viewing the ad is the number of people exposed to your brand.

Why do Video ads go viral?

According to Statista, revenue in video advertising in 2019 amounted to about $35.6 million and is set to increase to about $59 million by 2023. Majority of this revenue is from viral video ads, so what does it take for a video ad to go viral?


Have you ever seen a viral video that isn’t entertaining? One of the biggest factors that makes ads go viral is its entertainment value. It is vital that your videos catch viewers’ interest for them to share the video. A Facebook marketing agency like Aces Media can help you create entertaining content. 


Another feature that your viral video ad must have is an informative property. If your ad carries interesting and insightful information, users will tend to share the information with people around them. 

Unique factor

This feature is not as explicitly defined as the earlier mentioned two. The unique factor is something that is unusual and catches everyone’s attention. Has a friend ever called you and said, “have you seen this recent video ad on YouTube? It is really awesome, you should see it.” This is the unique factor we are talking about and you have to figure the factor out yourself or hire an agency like Aces Media to help you out.

Video ads will continue to trend whether you like it or not, so you should ensure that you are taking full advantage of this new marketing trend.

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