Scaling Your Facebook Ads with Lookalike Audiences

Scaling Your Facebook Ads with Lookalike Audiences

By: Aces Media – Creative Advertising Agency


When trying to find new audiences and scale your winning Facebook ads, lookalike audiences are a great place to start.

It not only takes the guesswork out of the equation but also helps you with effective interest targeting.

Lookalike audiences will allow you to take your current customer data and create a new mirror audience of 2-10M.


What Exactly is a Lookalike Audience on Facebook?


Depending on the analysis of your current customer base, Facebook will display ads to the people which seem most likely interested in your product or service.

This allows you to target the audiences most interested in your specific offer and generate the highest return.


How to Create a Lookalike Audience?


  1. Visit your Audiences.
  2. Click on the Create Audience button and then choose the option of Lookalike Audience.
  3. Choose Source.
  4. Choose the country/countries of which the audience you want to target.
  5. Choose the desired audience size
  6. Click Create Audience.


If you are running eCommerce ads, lookalike audiences will be your best friend as you start to gather more and more data.

Often times, they will bring you a greater ROAS than even warm audiences.

Never be afraid to test.

There are endless different variations you can create and you never know which one could be hyper profitable until you test it.

Here is an example of a hyper targeted lookalike audience created from the highest CLV customers of an eCommerce store:


Aces Media


How Lookalike Audiences help when scaling your Facebook Ads?


While increasing the sales from 100 to 1000+, targeting Lookalike audiences plays a major role.

Here at Aces Media, we have observed that targeting a wide audience could increase the numbers from 100 customers daily to about 10,000 in a day fairly quickly by using Facebook’s customer data.

We call this a scale audience because you are able to spend some real money targeting this one ad set without people seeing the same ad 2-3X.

These audiences can be anywhere from 1-10M+.


Important Points to consider when scaling ads based on Facebook Lookalikes are:


  1. Always go with the strongest lookalikes while scaling the Lookalike audiences on Facebook. The strongest lookalikes are considered to be customer lists as well as purchases. (For example, your highest value purchasing customers are going to generate a much more profitable lookalike audience than making one out of your website viewers.)


  1. The bigger the number of audiences, the higher success rate you would be observing. 5000 is better than 50. But this is not always the case, so never stop testing.


  1. In case of short customer lists or none, shorter lookalikes need to be targeted such as add to carts, initiate checkout, and adding payment info. If it doesn’t work, go back to your previous campaigns and gather more data before moving further down the conversion funnel.


  1. Go with the past. Analyze the success stories of the past of different business advertisements and try to capitalize on them and on the basis of the study as well as analysis, design your own posts which would possibly target a large amount of audience.


  1. All you need to concentrate on is the behavior and analysis of the lookalike audience in the past and strategize a plan on the basis of the past experience.


  1. After the creation of lookalikes as well as the foundation of the best creative offers, run the ads and you would see a great increase in the popularity of your products or services which will result in a hyper profitable ROAS.


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