How to Quickly Increase Your Sales With Your Facebook Ads

January 11, 2019


facebook ads

Facebook Ads


How to Quickly Increase Your Sales With Your Facebook Ads

Facebook is about numbers and we all know it.

Customer data and analytics run the advertising game.

In order to scale your campaigns profitably you have to know your numbers.

& you not only need to know the numbers but you have to be able to use them.

If you spending anywhere from $500-$10,000,000 on Facebook, this is for you…

Know Your Data

Over 60% of all ad spend on Facebook is wasted because people don’t know where it is going.

How effective can you be if you don’t know your data?

Not very effective

Upon opening your ads manager you will want to head to the top bar below your campaign levels:

Scaling Facebook Ads

Click on Breakdown.

Facebook Ads Breakdown

Then you will be able to see which purchases or leads were coming from each different metric.

In doing so you can duplicate your winning ad sets and further narrow your targeting.

Also you can try scaling with lookalike audiences after you have 250-500+ purchases on your pixel.

More Ways to Read Customer Data

Another good place to look for a breakdown of each KPI is in Ads Reporting.

You can find this section in your dropdown under Measure & Report:

Facebook Ads Reporting

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