How to Fix Underperforming Facebook Ads

How to Fix Underperforming Facebook Ads


In this article we will go over how to fix underperforming Facebook Ads.

To start off, whenever launching any new ad or ad set, it’s important to let it run for 2-3 days to let Facebook optimize for conversions and get the data to even out.

If you begin to optimize prematurely you could be making a huge mistake by not collecting enough data prior.

But, the first thing you will want to do when trying to improve an underperforming ad is try to dissect what is causing the poor results.

By using the Breakdown Tab or Ads Reporting tools that Facebook gives you, you should be able to determine a lot of things based on demographics.

Some things to start testing:

  • New Creative (Images or Videos)
  • New Ad Sets (Audiences)
  • New Ad Copy
  • New Offer
  • More Market Research


New Creative:


Almost always when split testing between two images or videos, one is going to prove to be more profitable.

That is why frequent testing and optimizing is key because the more you test, the more profitable results you “magically” end up getting.

Before ever cutting one ad over the other make sure there has been a sufficient amount spent on both to have a clear look at the data.

But, after finding which ones are going to be more profitable and provide more consistent results, turn off the other ads.

Now the winning ad becomes the ad to beat and you should launch another test or two depending on your budget.

TIP: When split testing, never change more than one variable or you won’t be able to track the impact of your specific changes.


New Ad Sets:


Once you have found several winning ads that are providing profitable conversions, high click through rates, etc. it’s time to dive deep into testing audiences.

As a Facebook advertiser this should be your bread and butter.

TIP: Facebook Audience Insights allows you to create and save custom audiences that you can then find within your ad set targeting options.

Market research is one of the most important things in just about every business.

For example, imagine I have a product and I have no idea who my customer is, where they are, or why they would ever want to buy my product.

I’ve got no chance in the world of selling it right?


With that being said, you must know exactly who your customers are and what they are interested in.

When you know this, then you can come up with a story revolved around their interests and use your product as some type of solution or necessary purchase.

Scale Audience: a large Facebook audience (1M+) where if it is a winning ad set, you can continue to scale and spend thousands of dollars within that one audience because of the size.

If you are looking to scale rather quickly you can duplicate your entire campaign and test the current audiences with the winners still running and test new audiences along side them.

Keep in mind, the creative and the ad sets are where the biggest impact happens.


New Ad Copy:


Once your audiences and creative have been optimized to the point where they are consistently running and maintaining profitability, we can start to test out new copy.

At this point, you are going to be seeing what small changes in the copy, headline, or offer affect conversion rates.

Some things to try testing are:

  • Long Copy vs. Short Copy
  • Different Call to Actions
  • Test Different Ways of Structuring Your Offer
  • Test Different Headlines
  • Test Out a Different Approach

After doing these steps you should have a profitable campaign that is optimized and bringing in daily profit.

Remember, creating profitable campaigns is not always easy so don’t give up too early and always keep track of your KPIs to make sure you are on track with your goals.

When you track your KPIs daily you can always go back and see where things may have went wrong and where to correct yourself.

But, if you never do that you run the risk of taking a wrong turn and not knowing where it was.

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