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June 5, 2020


Facebook Ads


Facebook Marketing

Have you ever been just struggling to get things off the ground?

Almost like if you were 5 again trying to sell lemonade just to make an extra buck.

Maybe you end up selling a couple glasses, but it only amounted to a cool $20, which is nice, but it can’t push that hard of a line.

This is the same kind of situation our client was facing when they approached us about their Facebook marketing strategy.

They had already been achieving decent sales numbers, but hadn’t been able to fully break out of their shell and achieve the numbers they want.

Our Goal:

Our goal of this case study was to take this client from their current monthly revenue of $5,000 per month, and triple it within three months.

The product they were selling was $29.99 USD, so to rightfully triple their monthly revenue, we’d have to consistently bring in 500 sales per month, from around 160.

The Results:

The first thing we did to ensure we could increase our average revenue per click, was add a post-purchase bundle option.

Just by doing this we increased their average order value from around $27.38 in October 2019 to $43.47 for the month of April 2020.

Facebook Marketing Experts

After we made sure their landing page would convert at the highest possible rate & that we could maximize our average order value, it was time to dial in the ads.

They had been generating a lot of organic touch points via organic social, so retargeting was the first on our list.

By breaking down each engagement audience down to a laser focused segment, we were able to generate 3-7X ROAS at scale.

Facebook Marketing | Aces Media
Retargeting Stack

The next step in this case study is when we take our scaling strategies to the next level!

We were able to take their current customer data and Facebook’s plethora of data and make some extremely valuable audience sets.

Facebook Marketing Agency
Scaling Laser Targeting Audiences to 5X our clients monthly revenue


In doing so, we were able to take this client from making $5,000 one month to almost $25,000 in revenue just 3 months later. (500% increase in sales)

Facebook Marketing Case Study

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