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February 12, 2019


facebook ads

Facebook Ads


Taking CPP from $25-55 to less than $10 in 2 weeks:

This is a case study done by Aces Media where we took a clients cost per purchase from an average of $55 to less than $10 per purchase.

We had a goal of completing this task in one month and we were able to do in less than 2 weeks.

Originally they were running regular interest targeting and retargeting from their Instagram page.

Here is a screenshot of the campaigns before:

Aces Media

Beginning Stages:

To start out we went into the Ads Reporting section to see the breakdown of their demographics and see which ones were more profitable than others.

The main KPIs we focused on were age, gender, device, and placement.

In doing this we were able to pinpoint specific metrics that we could then use to further optimize their targeting.

So, to start out, we ran a traffic campaign to get people to the site and see who was reacting to our offer.  

The traffic or engagement campaigns are always a good starting point because they generate much cheaper touch points.

(The average consumer needs 3-5 touch points before ever taking action or making a purchase).

The average cost per click that we got was .17 cents and we let that run for 2-3 days.

Getting Sales:

After we were done collecting enough pixel data from the traffic campaign, we started to create custom audiences that were of high intent.

Meaning, people who added something to their cart or spent a certain amount of time on site.

Due to the fact that this client had a decent Instagram following to generate traffic we were able to gather data much quicker.

From there we went on to create one single page post that we could start running the purchase conversions to.

Doing this will allow all of your ad sets to collect the same social proof on your ad resulting in a higher CTR and a much cheaper CPP.

We launched 5 new ad sets.  

3 of them were lookalike audiences and two of them were retargeting.

(A lookalike audience is an audience created by Facebook to mirror your current customer list with new customers).

After running these ad sets for 3-4 days we saw that only 3 audiences were producing profitable results.

Aces Media

So, we cut the ones that weren’t working and began to scale the profitable ones.

Starting out the CPP was ranging anywhere from $5-7 across all ad sets.

As we started to increase the budget by 20% daily we saw the CPP increase to around $8-9 but we were generating much more revenue and conversions than before.

We also maintained an ROI of 300-400% as we scaled to $1k/day in ad spend.

If you would like Aces Media to handle your Facebook ads, contact us today!

*Aces Media is an online advertising agency providing professional paid traffic consultancy.

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