2019 Advertising Trends on Facebook and Instagram

2019 Advertising Trends on Facebook and Instagram:


You can’t really talk about social media marketing without bringing up two of the top social media platforms around today, Facebook and Instagram. Advertising on these two platforms evolves every day, as new ideas come into play. This is why you would see a Facebook ad agency like Aces Media spending a lot of money on monitoring and following the advertising trends on these platforms. 

Advertising on Facebook and Instagram

Advertising on these two platforms is slightly different because of the type of contents users mostly post. However, they still have quite a bit of similarity. According to Statista, Facebook’s revenue jumped from about $7.9 billion to $55.8 billion between 2007 and 2013. Also, as of 2018, Instagram had a revenue of over $7 billion. This tells you that the two platforms are fertile soils to plant your marketing seeds.

The number of Facebook marketing agencies engaging in Instagram and Facebook advertising is increasing daily, which is no surprise. Over 70 percent of companies in the US use Instagram marketing and over 60 million business pages exist on Facebook. 

These two platforms particularly do well with visual contents (videos and images), which is why agencies like Aces Media spend time and money mastering advertising with visual contents.

Facebook and Instagram Advertising Trends in 2019

Every year, new trends come up especially in high priority areas like social media marketing. You are probably wondering what the new trends are, so you can implement them into your advertising strategy. Here are some of the current trends on Facebook and Instagram advertising.


“Stories” is a new feature shared by Instagram and Facebook. Users got used to this feature very quickly as it provides a fun and easy way to engage your followers and get a level of investment from them. A top quality Facebook advertising agency like Aces Media can help you create interesting and engaging stories to captivate your followers.


There has been no time better than this for influencers. Over the past few years, there has been a rise in demand for influencers across social media platforms. These influencers allow you to take advantage of their wide reach – a high number of followers – for your advertising.

Voice Search

Another 2019 trend in Facebook and Instagram advertising is adapting contents for voice search. The availability of portable devices that make it easy to browse on the go has increased the number of engagements on these platforms. A feature like voice search makes things easy for users, and they will naturally prefer contents that are adapted for this feature.

AR Advertising

Augmented reality is a technology still in its infancy stage. However, this technology will revolutionize digital marketing, as it would allow you to add digital properties to objects. This gives users full control in multi-channel interaction. Of course, this trend may be a bit tricky to understand but that is where an agency like Aces Media comes in.


One of the smartest marketing strategies you can teach is to follow advertising trends, as you can hardly go wrong. We have highlighted a few 2019 trends in advertising on Facebook and Instagram, though there are much more available. If you want to outsource your adverts to an agency, it is vital you choose one that has a good understanding of current trends and implements them properly. Aces Media, is an excellent option for you.

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