Why Consumers Unsubscribe to Email Lists

Why Consumers Unsubscribe to Email Lists

Email marketing campaigns thrive on ‘relationship building.’

When subscribers sign up to receive email messages from your company, most of them are looking to step into a relationship.

Once they have signed up, it is the beginning.

Now, it depends on the strategy that companies incorporate to nurture that brand-consumer relationship  as to whether they would be able to take it to the next level.

However, most of the businesses fail to retain subscribers for a long time.

According to a recent study, around 91 percent of email subscribers change their mind and decide to unsubscribe to email messages after signing up.

Why is the rate of unsubscribing so high?

Why do consumers not want to take the relationship any further?

This is a major cause of worry.

If you want to extract the maximum of your email marketing campaigns, you should make yourself aware of the major reasons that compel email subscribers to unsubscribe.

By analyzing the reasons, you can be in a better position to fin-tune your email marketing campaigns, nurture leads and retain subscribers for a long time.

Given below are some of the major reasons that can cause your consumers to be unhappy in the relationship you are trying to build.

The following 5 reasons expose the real reasons why consumers unsubscribe to email lists.

1. Irrelevancy of Email Messages

Email marketers, first of all, need to focus on the relevancy of their email messages.

There are a large number of subscribers who will choose to unsubscribe to your company newsletter, because your emails are irrelevant and boring.

If you want to keep your messages relevant, you should continuously try to make them fresh, engaging and interesting.

The best idea for marketers would be to pay attention to the ‘response rate’ of individual subscribers for increasing relevancy of messages.

Email Marketing Unsubscribes

2. High Emailing Frequency

One of the biggest reasons that lead to a loss of email subscribers is high frequency of sending messages.

Marketers should pay extra attention to the frequency of their communication.

‘Respect’ is a key ingredient of a successful relationship.

If you don’t want the brand-consumer relationship to end too soon, respect must be paid to the consumer’s time.

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3. Too Many Emails from All Sources

Among other major reasons for unsubscribing to emails, one is that the consumer is receiving just too many emails (from all sources) to handle.

Like a consumer have signed up for your newsletter, the might also have signed up to a number of others.

That means email marketers have to beat out the ‘inbox competition’ to ensure their messages are opened and read.

If you want to increase the click rate of your emails, you must be able to beat the other emails in the inbox of the subscriber.

Some of the key tips to increase the click-through rate of your email messages include having a clean and not-too-flashy lay out, enhanced readability, call-to-action content and correct timing.

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4. One-Time Offer Requirements

Many of your email subscribers may just be interested in a one-time deal.

And once their requirement is fulfilled, they would unsubscribe.

So, a major reason for unsubscribing is that your consumers were only looking for a one-night stand.

5. Situational Changes

Furthermore, there are many subscribers who will simply unsubscribe to your newsletter or emails just because their situations changed.

Some of these may include a change in job, marriages etc.

Now this is a reason that you can’t actually control. And you are never going to lose a large number of subscribers due to change in personal circumstances.

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To conclude, in this day and age consumers have high expectations when they step into a relationship with a brand.

If you don’t want to lose subscribers, you should always pay attention to relevancy of messages, their frequency and the quality of content in your email marketing campaign.

Marketers should focus on building a high quality relationship by generating trust and treating their consumers with respect. That is the real reason why consumers unsubscribe to email lists.

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