Increase Email Open Rates

Increase Email Open Rates With These 4 Tips:

Increase Email Open Rates:

Users subscribe to your newsletter, and you start flooding their inbox with too many messages.

Well, you just took your first step towards damaging that new relationship. Brand-consumer relationship is a very delicate one.

Hurt your subscriber’s sentiments in any way, and the game is over.

Don’t hurl email messages into your subscriber’s face.

Understand the fact that emails are not some kind of broadcast medium.

That’s why email marketing success will always depend on how well you can mold your messages to suit the personal interests of subscribers.

Given below are some essential tips on creating personalized email messages and keep the brand-consumer relationship growing.

Get to Know Subscribers:

The very first step towards making those email messages personalized is to know who your subscriber is.

Think about how you connect with your friends on a personal level.

You can foster that connection more, only when you know what a particular friend of your likes and what he doesn’t.

It is, therefore, important to know what information you should ask for when you invite users to subscribe to your emails or newsletters.

Collect only those pieces of information that will be required to run your email campaign.

Even if you just ask for a user’s name and email address during subscription, you can track their IP address to make your messages more personalized.

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Segment Subscribers into Different Categories:

A subscriber should feel happy to receive your email.

You can make this happen only when you know what they want.

A good idea would be to segment the list of your subscribers into different groups.

Email segmentation is crucial if you want to personalize the messages.

Whether it is at the time of sign-up or after you have already built an email list, it is always possible to segment your readers into appropriate categories.

Most of the email list building services will offer you the options to create lists, based on the personal preferences of subscribers.

In case you already have a long list of subscribers, you can employ various techniques to divide your readers into multiple groups based on their interests and behavior.

Having multiple lists of subscribers helps you send targeted messages to each of your subscriber groups.

Though it will require you to put in some extra effort, it can really help you connect with readers on a personal level.

Let Subscribers Gain from the Email Message:

While sending emails to your subscribers, you should ensure that the message is going to add to their knowledge.

If you want to create loyal brand relationships, you need to focus on providing valuable information to recipients.

You may want to include links to products in your email messages.

But the emphasis should be on providing subscribers with personal content.

This is one of the top secrets to creating personalized messages.

Dig Out More Information:

Even when a user is already on your subscriber’s list, you can use various techniques to collect more personal information.

Though you may have included a range of resources in your message, you should try to know what grabs your subscriber’s attention the most.

You can use some kind of rating scale in your emails to dig out further personal information from readers and make messages more personalized the next time you send them.


There are various reasons for unsubscribing to email messages.

The key to running a successful email marketing campaign, however, is developing a personal relationship with your clients and customers.

The email messages that you send to subscribers is your potential opportunity to allow the latter to connect with your brand on a personal level.

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