How To Write Curated Email Newsletters

How To Write Curated Email Newsletters

You surely have heard about content curation.

Since curating content is an excellent online marketing tactic, many professionals are already using it on their blog or social media sites.

You may be curating content too.

If you are not aware of this yet, content curation can also apply to email marketing. &, learning how to write curated email newsletters will be crucial in your success with email marketing.

In fact, writing curated email newsletters can take your email campaign to the next level, where you don’t just present yourself as a valuable resource in a niche but can also create loyal subscribers.

When you start to curate content and include it in your email newsletters, you can quickly increase the opening rate, click-through rate and sharing for the emails that you send to your subscribers.

So, how do you write or create a curated e-newsletter? 

Getting Started (How it Works)

First and foremost, you need to be very clear that ‘content curation’ and ‘content aggregation’ are two different things.

Curating content is a completely manual task, unlike content aggregation that’s automated.

To get started with curating email campaigns, you’ll need to enjoy reading or learning as much as possible.

The web features a wide range of interesting content on a regular basis.

There are plenty of interesting people who write about interesting topics in a specific niche or area of work.

Your task is to locate all those videos, blog posts, articles and images that would provide real value to your target audience.

Next, you can compile all these great pieces of information in an email newsletter that you’ll send your subscribers on a weekly or monthly basis.

A curated email newsletter is, in fact, a storehouse of knowledge for a target audience. As soon as you start to deliver what’s best in your niche, your email subscribers start looking at you as a highly valuable resource.

In fact, they will soon become hungry for every single e-newsletter that you write. They become curious to know what your next e-newsletter delivers.

At a time when people are irritated with the onslaught of marketing emails, curated email newsletters come as a great respite.

Your audience will love you for providing them relief.

They’ll start to trust you. They will be keen to hear what you have to say.

Sending curated email campaigns is actually an indirect online marketing approach.

But the benefits that it brings you down the line can simply leave you amazed.

Writing curated email newsletters is also a great idea if you are struggling with what to include in your next email.

Have a Narrow Focus

Creating curated email campaigns does an excellent job of establishing the identity of your brand or business.

However, it brings the maximum benefits only when you are able to focus on a specific niche.

Therefore, the best idea is to pick a specific niche or area of work and focus on educating and entertaining your subscribers with all the newsworthy topics, innovative products, intelligent discussions, expert tips and fun links from across the web.

Keep These Tips in Mind

Curating content for your email campaign takes extensive research.

By devoting adequate time to content curation, you’ll be on your way to writing or creating newsletters that will keep your subscribers glued.

While creating curated eNewsletters, you should –

• Focus on a small niche

• Address the needs of your target audience

• Gathering only the best quality content (with sources re-examined)

• Create a mix of original (i.e., your own) and curated content

• Be consistent with your efforts

Don’t Forget to Use Content Curation Tools

Whether you want to curate content for your own blog, for social media sites or your email campaign, there are many tools that you can use to your benefit.

Some of them include –

• Google Alerts

• Social Mention

• AllTop


• Storify

• Delicious

• Pinterest


As you begin on your way to becoming a content curation rockstar, you’ll come across with many other similar tools.

It all depends on how passionate you are to discover the diamonds in the rough.

For content management and strategy consultation, email Aces Media today at [email protected] with your inquiry and we will get back to you before the end of the day, pinky promise! 😉

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