6 Email Design Tips

6 Email Design Tips

Are you planning to launch an email marketing campaign for your business?

If so, follow along for the 6 best email marketing design tips…

No doubt, it’s one of those marketing strategies that can immediately help you reach out to your target audience effectively, increase your audience’s familiarity with your brand, generate repeat sales, achieve an excellent ROI and elevate your small business to new heights.

According to a recent survey conducted by MerchantCircle (in which 8,000 local businesses participated), email marketing was found to be among the top 3 most performing marketing techniques.

As email design and email marketing happens to be one of the strongest channels for advertising, small business should pay careful attention while designing the message.

Given below are some of the most important design tips that you can use to supercharge your email campaign.

#1. Follow the 60/40 Percent Rule

While designing an email message, the first tip that you should follow is to strike the right balance between the use of images and text.

Using big-size images in emails is a bad practice, as most of the users have images turned off in their inbox (by default).

The best idea is to limit the use of images to just 40 percent, while the amount of text should be 60 percent.

Use images or graphics in a proportion that complements the text message.

#2. Unify Your Branding Efforts

Since launching an email marketing campaign is an excellent technique to increase an audience’s familiarity with your brand, you should never forget to include the key elements of your brand in the messages you design.

Before you start creating that email message, you should think about how you want your small business or company to be recognized.

Keep these essential tips in mind:

• Use your company logo to establish your brand’s identity (preferably at the top) Kind of like how our Aces Media is at the top left of our website.

• Link to your company website or blog

• Promote your key social network channels

• Match the color scheme of your email campaign with your website

• Ensure the subject-line has your company’s or newsletter’s name

• Use your company’s name as the sender name

Branding through emails is all about filling out the gap between how consumers see your product and how you actually want them to view it.

So, always keep branding on top of your mind while designing email messages or newsletters.

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#3. Avoid Complex Table Layout

Tables allow online marketers to have more control over the email layout.

Though it’s a good practice to use tables while designing emails, you should always remember not to apply complex table formats.

Email programs are yet to become more sophisticated.

#4. Don’t Bank Upon Background Images

You never know how your background images will appear in different email programs.

Though adding a background image enhances the overall design of your emails, they can easily dilute the impact of your message when not rendered properly.

#5. Edit Images

Editing or resizing images files has great significance in terms of designing an effective email message.

Large image file sizes can create problems with both email programs and mobile devices.

There are several photo editing programs that you can use to resize images to proper size.

Also remember that JPEG and GIF image file types render best.

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#6. Test

Errors can immediately ruin the image of your brand.

Before you hit the ‘send’ button for a bulk email campaign, do some testing.

Use a couple of tester email accounts to find out how the overall design appears in each email client.


Apart from increasing direct sales for your small business, an email campaign is an extremely useful tool to build relationships, loyalty, and trust among customers.

Therefore, make sure you focus on the design part really well.

If you are interested in having the Aces Media team design and curate your email marketing campaigns, email us at ‘[email protected]

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