10 Effective Email List Re-Engagement Tips

10 Effective Email List Re-Engagement Tips

Email marketing can be a very effective strategy for the growth and success of your business.

Keeping your customers engaged for the long run, however, can prove quite challenging.

Think of it this way: many of your customers most likely receive similar emails from several businesses, making it easier for them to hit the spam button or entirely ignore the email if there are no incentives to open it.

Email lists tend to die out over the years through user inactivity.

Launching a re-engagement campaign should be a top priority marketing strategy.

This article will teach you how to do just that.

The first section offers you a list on how to engage your new contacts while the second section is a guideline on how to effectively re-engage inactive lists.

Aces Media specializes in email marketing automation for eCommerce businesses.

So, please take these tips and strategies as they are because they can be applied to any industry.

Tips on How to Engage With Your Contacts

Share important content – It’s great that you have set up an email marketing list; however, before you engage with your customers, you must ensure that you have accrued the relevant materials needed to keep your customers interested.

People are more than likely to engage in your content if it speaks directly to them.

You should know your audience very well and cater your marketing emails to their interests.

This will greatly reduce the chances of accumulating a high volume of inactive users on your lists.

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Keep it short and simple – A short, sweet, and simple email is more likely to be read than a long, dense email.

Your emails should resemble blog posts, with a blend of texts and images to entice the reader.

Your customers will begin to expect emails from you that are straight to the point and much faster to get through which, when combined with valuable content, gives them more of an incentive to read.

Long posts will most likely chase them away.

Show your appreciation – Now that you’ve gotten to know your clients a bit, express your appreciation through personalized thank you notes following every order.

A little tender, love, and care does great wonders for your business.

TLC demonstrates to your customers that you appreciate their loyalty and patronage.

The same goes for issuing an apology if your service encounters technical difficulties or delays.

As a general rule of thumb, just remember to be courteous, apologetic, and thankful when the situation calls for it.

This is a sure way to engage your contacts and drive your sales.

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Showcase your clients – This is a great tool for both advertising your services and demonstrating your appreciation to those that subscribe to it.

Showcasing offers proof to potential customers that your goods are indeed as valuable as you say they are and are worth the purchase.

More importantly, though, it offers your showcased clients an incentive to spread the love about your great services.

With their pictures and statements on your website, they are more than likely to direct their friends and family to it.

Incentives are great – Sale, free, and discount are all key terms to use in your subject line when they’re being offered.

This is even more effective when the deals are specific to your subscribers.

It is a great way to offer your appreciation, just as it is an incentive for them to continue to come back.   

Launching a Re-Engagement Campaign

Assign an age to each person on your list – Using either the date the contact became a subscriber or their last interaction date, assign an age to them.

This will allow you to monitor their level of interaction with your products and services.

This strategy also offers you the benefit of personalizing your relationship with your clients and knowing when to re-engage them when and if they become inactive.  

Segment your contacts – Part of getting to know your contact list is being aware of their similarities and differences.

Segment your contacts according to their age and interests.

No one likes receiving blanket emails that have little to do with their interests.

Such emails display a lack of engagement with your contacts.

Segmenting offers you the opportunity to hone in on your client’s interests and engage more keenly with your inactive contacts.

Keep each list to less than 5,000 contacts because the larger the list, the more bounced emails you’re likely to receive.    

Keep your email list fresh and updated – The idea is to have an engaged audience; otherwise, you’ll be wasting a lot of marketing and advertising funds on inactive leads.

Start off by identifying your inactive leads.

Frequent high bounce rates can degrade your reputation with your email service provider (ESP), and in severe cases, your ESP may suspend your account.

Some marketing strategists suggest pinpointing your inactive audience by grouping your contacts into 3-month segments.

Others suggest revisiting your contact in search of “dead leads” after 6 months.

Unengaged customers can have a negative impact on your online marketing campaign.

The ultimate goal is to keep your contacts engaged!

Get to know what your contacts think of your services – Don’t be afraid to send out surveys in search of what your list thinks of your products and services.

Target your inactive contacts, and try offering an incentive in the form of a discount or a freebie for their response.

The ones who respond are still relatively engaged, so follow up on them.

This strategy will not only let you know what needs improvement but will also inform your contacts that you’re interested in their opinion. 

Ask for your contact’s updated email – If you notice inactive leads, don’t be shy to ask for their updated email information.

This simple outreach strategy may yield amazing results.

With this information, you can drop their old contact address which is inadvertently affecting your score with your ESP.


Email marketing can benefit your business in leaps and bounds by offering you an online platform to engage with your customers.

Don’t be shy to personalize your emails and reach out to clients; it’s all part of the process.

With that said, don’t feel obliged to keep dormant contacts, as this has a negative impact on your email marketing campaign.

If you would like Aces Media to manage your email marketing sequences and campaigns please email us at [email protected] with your inquiry and we will get back to you within the hour. Go ahead, put us to the test 😉

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