Instagram In-App Shopping for eCommerce

Instagram In-App Shopping for eCommerce

I am sure you would agree with me that shopping is one of the activities that will never cease. Whether you make purchases in a brick and mortar store or you prefer the comfort that online shopping offers, buying and selling is an undeniable part of our lives. Instagram has made this even more straightforward with its in-app shopping feature. There are social media marketing agencies like Aces Media that could help you in using this feature for your e-commerce business.

Why is Instagram a Great eCommerce Platform?

Instagram is one of the major social media platforms available today. You would hardly find a list of the top social media platforms without Instagram coming up. For instance, every month, about 130 million people click on shopping posts on the platform to learn about new products. No wonder, businesses hire Facebook advertising agencies like Aces Media for their Instagram e-commerce marketing. Instagram is where the majority of your customers hang out, so why not get in front of them as much as possible with a virtual store!

The amount of monthly users on Instagram makes it an excellent marketing platform and Instagram shopping posts are the new trend in online marketing.

Instagram Shopping In-App Feature

Instagram has always made shopping quite easy and straightforward, as it allows business owners to showcase their product and services quite conveniently. Of course, we know that images and videos are the best ways to showcase a product, as it gives potential customers a preview of what they are going to get.

Things are even a lot easier now with the in-app shopping feature. This feature allows you to make a purchase without leaving the app. Instagram shopping posts allow business owners to tag their products in their posts, so potential customers can easily access information about the product or service. Some Facebook marketing agencies like Aces Media make it a point of duty to put their clients through using these tags, as it is quite essential to the feature.

Benefits of Instagram Shopping Feature

One of the most significant advantages of this in-app shopping feature is the fact that it significantly shortens the journey of customers to make a purchase. This, in turn, encourages more people to make a purchase on the platform. This makes sense if you really think about it, as no one wants to take a roundabout route to make a purchase.

Imagine if you could go from checking out a product to making a purchase in just two clicks. According to BigCommerce, some American companies have been able to increase traffic and sales by employing the Instagram in-app feature. 

So, how can you best take advantage of this feature? Well, it is vital that you incorporate the feature into your online marketing strategy. Also, you could hire social media agencies like Facebook advertising companies or Instagram marketing agencies to handle it while you focus on other areas of your business. Aces Media is an excellent choice for you.


Instagram shopping is an e-commerce trend that is bound to grow over time. Therefore, if you don’t want to be left behind by your competitors, you need to incorporate the feature into your advertising strategy. If you need a reputable company with an excellent track record, contact us at Aces Media today and we will grow your business for you.

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