How to Create Compelling Ad Copy and Creative

How to Create Compelling Ad Copy and Creative:


In this article, we will go over how to create compelling ad copy and creative that will make your campaigns more effective.

To start off, back in the day creating an effective advertising campaign was almost a form of art.

With Facebook Ads, it’s all about the science.  Reading the pixel data and effectively delivering offers to each market segment.

The real power of Facebook advertising comes from having a keen understanding of who your best and highest paying customers are.

Think of it more like social psychology rather than regular TV and billboard advertising strategies.

After all, Facebook is a platform where most purchases are somewhat impulsive.  So, your messaging must also be very effective.


The 3 M’s of Marketing:


There are 3 M’s in Marketing.  They are: Medium, Market, and Message.

The medium would be the platform you are using.  In this case, we are talking about Facebook ads.

The market would be the the people you are advertising your products and services to.  This is where you will want to come up with your customer avatar.

The more specific you can be with your customer avatar, the more effective your advertising will be and the better results you will get.

The message is going to be the offer that you are going to push to your audiences.

To be most effective, all 3 M’s must be in sync with each other.

For example, let’s imagine you wake up in the morning and you are having a bowl of cereal scrolling through Facebook…

If something you are highly interested in catches your eye with a super high quality video or image, has an irresistible offer, and has a ton of other people engaging with the ad, you’d most likely be feeling like you should get it right then, right?

I mean come on, when done right, your advertisements should become convenient.

Additional Example: Someone watches your video and then visits your website and then has to go to work so they don’t checkout right then.

But, then you run a retargeting campaign at night or when they are connected to Wifi that offers 25% off if they buy it right then, chances are you make the sale.


Pain in Advertising:


Before ever coming up with a new offer you should do market research on your customer avatar and what some of their pains and emotions are.

When you can display your customer’s pain points better than they can, they will automatically assume you have the solution because you’re the expert.

So if you can position your product or service in a way that it overly solves your customers pain points it doesn’t matter what the cost is.

Especially if the trade-off exceeds the value that you are charging.

You really want them to come to the, “Oh wow, this is exactly what I’ve been looking for,” or “This is exactly what I need” realization.


Basics of Facebook Ads:


The 5 main pieces to a Facebook Ad are:

  • Headline
  • Creative (Image or Video)
  • Ad Copy
  • Description
  • Call to Action or Offer

The #1 thing that you should focus on is the creative.

If your creative doesn’t catch the attention of your ideal customer than the rest of your ad can’t even make an impact.

Also, be sure to always keep up on all of your KPIs when scaling your campaigns to ensure you are maintaining profitable and the exact margins or returns you want.


Writing the Ad Copy:


When coming up with ad copy that converts I always like to revert to the 8 strongest emotions.

Those 8 emotions are:

  • Survival, life extension or ease, enjoyment of life
  • Enjoyment of food, beverages, desserts
  • Freedom from pain, fear, and danger
  • Sexual companionship
  • Social approval
  • Comfortable living conditions
  • To be the superior being
  • Care and protection of loved ones

I always revert to this list of 8 different emotions because if you think about it, almost all of us have these emotions on a recurring basis.

If your product or service really drills one of these emotions, people will be much more convinced to purchase or give you their information.


Short Copy versus Long Copy:


I’ve always been told, the more you tell the more you sell.

That’s not always the case though.

Most eCommerce products can be sold within a video and have moving text drawing the viewer in more and more as the video goes on.

So, in this case you short copy would work much better because everything that would be in your ad copy will most likely be in your video.

If it isn’t a video that works this way, short copy will still usually outperform long copy, especially if it is a lower ticket, more impulse buy. (<$47)

Be sure to refer back to your customer avatar and to help you form your message to buy into their emotions.

Also, make sure your offer is completely irresistible and you should see great results.

In the case that you are selling a service or a higher ticket product, then long copy will most likely prove to be more effective.

But, it is always good to test out both in the beginning and go off what the data tells you.

Tip: Never go off your own emotions, always stick to the hard data.

A good way to differentiate between short and long copy:

  • Long copy tells the customer what they need to know before they click through
  • Short copy tells the customer minimal information and so they have to decide whether they are curious enough to click through to see more




When choosing the best creative for your advertising campaigns, go with the ones that your customer avatar would most likely buy into.

After all, your creative will have the biggest impact on the performance of your campaign.

Think of your creative as a way of selling your product or service without using any words.

The more eye catching and pattern disrupting your advertisement is, the more chance you have of catching someones attention and having them check your ad out.

Also, the more relevant your creative is to the specific ad set or audience you are advertising to, the higher CTR (click through rate) you will see.

To conclude, when creating your ads, make sure to focus in on your ideal customer.  What do they like and want?  What would they be interested in?  What do they interact with on a day to day basis – books, movies, etc.?

When you know your customer like the back of your hand, you will be able to sell your product or service like the flip of a switch.

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