How to Dominate Your Coaching Business

November 11, 2018





How to Dominate Your Coaching Business:


Ready to dominate your coaching business?

After reading this article, you will have all the skills you need to start using online marketing and sales strategies to attract your ideal clients, and make your business more profitable and predictable than ever before.


The Simple Process for Building an Automated Client Attraction System:


We have developed a simple process for building an automated client attraction system that will attract your dream clients on demand.

Our process will also make scaling your business easier than ever.

Here is the exact 6-step process that you can use to build an automated client attraction system:

(Note: always give value upfront value to your customers to receive a greater long term return.)




The first step is defining your vision of success and deciding where you would like your business to be in the short, medium and long term.

This vision should also include your personal goals.

This first step will provide you with a personalized road map to your unique version of professional and personal success.




The second step is identifying your Dream Client.

You need to define who do you want to work with.

The kind of person that you will love interacting with day in and day out.

This is the kind of person that will make your life easier and more rewarding.

After determining your ideal client, you will need to find out:

  • Where you will find them
  • How you will attract them to you
  • The ultimate “pinnacle of success” for your clients.




The third step is detailing the current products and services that you use to provide value to your clients.

Then we identify all the other ways that can provide more value to your clients.

Try to think of painful problems your clients have that are holding them back from achieving greater success.

Often times you will have a few different tiers to the type of clients you have and what service you offer them.

In the end , you will end up with a value ladder that details your products and services from free offers, to medium offers, all the way to premium/high ticket offers.




The fourth step involves designing and developing an automated marketing and sales system for attracting your ideal clients to your business.

This system will automate the ascension of your value ladder.

Your business will begin to rapidly expand while you focus on providing your clients with an excellent experience.




The fifth step is use a variety of free and paid marketing tactics to attract people to your funnel.

This will mean tapping into new and existing networks.

You will need to use email marketing, partnerships and strategic content creation, presentations, Facebook advertising…everything you can think of to promote your offer and spread the word about your value.




The final step is actually the end of the beginning.

It is now time to start measuring your results, and invest in regular research and development for even more ways that you can continue to meet your client’s needs.

There are many different income stream opportunities available to you.

There are numerous ways to transform your existing products, services, skills and experience into more revenue.

When you get to the point where you are able to survey your clients for honest feedback; you’ll be able to better understand your customers.

This will allow you to make your message more direct and have your service be focused on fulfilling their biggest problems.

After all, people just want to get their problems solved. So, pitching them every service in the book is actually harming your sales process.

Start by finding out exactly what they want to accomplish & what is holding them back.

When you can do those things you will be able to have better success and client relations.

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