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June 5, 2020


Facebook Ads


Facebook Marketing Have you ever been just struggling to get things off the ground? Almost like if you were 5 again trying to sell lemonade just to make an extra buck. Maybe you end up selling a couple glasses, but it only amounted to a cool $20, which is nice, but it can’t push that […]

How To Create A Facebook Ad: Introduction: In this article, you will be introduced to all of the different Facebook Ad objectives, ad types, and targeting options you should use to promote your products and services. We will also be demonstrating which stages of the customer lifecycle each Facebook ad objective should be used for […]

Effective Online Restaurant Marketing (Facebook Ads) How To Market Your Restaurant Efficiently and Effectively Online The days of having some communications major who works a shift or two at a restaurant handle all the marketing for your restaurant business are over. Restaurants are getting more competitive when it comes to marketing via social media and […]

Doubling a Restaurants Sales with Facebook Ads The biggest driver of sales into any business is their marketing strategy. I mean, you don’t expect a significant increase in your sales if there hasn’t been a prior investment in marketing. The restaurant business is one that is hugely affected by the marketing strategy adopted. Thanks to […]

The Importance of Retargeting with Facebook Ads One of the most frustrating thing for any marketer is spending a lot of resources to build an email list and then these people fail to convert. This is the definition of efforts going to waste. It doesn’t have to be so though, as, with Facebook retargeting, you […]

What Are Carousel Ads On Facebook? How are They Being Used? Online advertising is one of the industries that grow yearly as new innovations in the use of the internet come up. One of these new trends is the Facebook Carousel ads. They have helped numerous businesses lower their cost-per-conversion by about 20-30 percent. Facebook […]

Instagram Ads for eCommerce E-commerce is one of the fastest growing industries today, and for good reasons. It is one of the industries that has benefited from the proliferation of the internet. Instagram is one of the social media platforms that promote e-commerce through its ads. This is why many Facebook ads agencies like Aces […]

Why Do Facebook Video Ads Go Viral? What Makes Them Pop Off? If you think about the online content you have shared the most, I’m sure you will find out that it is video contents. Why do you think this is? Video content catches people’s attention more quickly and as such are more shared than […]

2019 Advertising Trends on Facebook and Instagram: Introduction You can’t really talk about social media marketing without bringing up two of the top social media platforms around today, Facebook and Instagram. Advertising on these two platforms evolves every day, as new ideas come into play. This is why you would see a Facebook ad agency […]

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