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Increase Email Open Rates With These 4 Tips: Increase Email Open Rates: Users subscribe to your newsletter, and you start flooding their inbox with too many messages. Well, you just took your first step towards damaging that new relationship. Brand-consumer relationship is a very delicate one. Hurt your subscriber’s sentiments in any way, and the […]

6 Email Design Tips Are you planning to launch an email marketing campaign for your business? If so, follow along for the 6 best email marketing design tips… No doubt, it’s one of those marketing strategies that can immediately help you reach out to your target audience effectively, increase your audience’s familiarity with your brand, […]

How To Write Curated Email Newsletters You surely have heard about content curation. Since curating content is an excellent online marketing tactic, many professionals are already using it on their blog or social media sites. You may be curating content too. If you are not aware of this yet, content curation can also apply to […]

Understanding Market Segmentation: A Business Overview If you have just opened a new business, no matter what the industry, if you only market to the general population, you face little chance of success. Instead, you have to practice market segmentation, which divides your target market into smaller niches of customers who share common wants and […]

Doubling a Restaurants Sales with Facebook Ads The biggest driver of sales into any business is their marketing strategy. I mean, you don’t expect a significant increase in your sales if there hasn’t been a prior investment in marketing. The restaurant business is one that is hugely affected by the marketing strategy adopted. Thanks to […]

The Importance of Retargeting with Facebook Ads One of the most frustrating thing for any marketer is spending a lot of resources to build an email list and then these people fail to convert. This is the definition of efforts going to waste. It doesn’t have to be so though, as, with Facebook retargeting, you […]

What Are Carousel Ads On Facebook? How are They Being Used? Online advertising is one of the industries that grow yearly as new innovations in the use of the internet come up. One of these new trends is the Facebook Carousel ads. They have helped numerous businesses lower their cost-per-conversion by about 20-30 percent. Facebook […]

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