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Retargeting (Complete How-To Guide) Introduction: Did you know retargeting is almost like playing catch with a boomerang? It means you can get the people who came to your website and left, to come back and review your products or services. Overview: According to Retargeter, only 2% of all online website traffic converts on the first […]

Plutio: Project Management Tool (Full Review) Plutio has recently came about as one of the most effective and useful project management tools. After having used it as Aces Media’s #1 Project Management tool, I can safely say that it has been an exceptional addition to our arsenal. It has all of the necessary features needed […]

Bing Advertising Bing Advertising, now known as Microsoft Advertising is a search engine marketing platform that allows advertisers and businesses to generate high quality website traffic. Bing is a search engine that consumers use to search and find relevant products or services for their search terms. So, whether you are an advertiser or a business […]

July 20, 2019


Bing Ads


Internet Marketing What Is Internet Marketing? Internet Marketing is a way of getting your products or services in front of thousands of potential customers. Otherwise known as online marketing or social media marketing, it is way of advertising that can generate leads and sales online. Internet Marketing is very vague because there are many different […]

What Is Google AdWords? Whether you are just starting out with Google AdWords, or you have been running Google AdWord Campaigns for years, this article will provide you with everything you need to know about advertising on Google from A-Z. Basics of Google AdWords: Google AdWords is a PPC Advertising Platform allowing businesses and advertisers […]

Conversion Rate Formula: What Is The Conversion Rate Formula? The Conversion Rate Formula is the process of testing and optimizing your website/landing page for a better user experience to ultimately drive more sales. What Is A Conversion? A conversion is anything that you are optimizing for on your website. This could be any of the […]

Effective Online Restaurant Marketing (Facebook Ads) How To Market Your Restaurant Efficiently and Effectively Online The days of having some communications major who works a shift or two at a restaurant handle all the marketing for your restaurant business are over. Restaurants are getting more competitive when it comes to marketing via social media and […]

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